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We have worked with Olympic Champions to aspiring professionals and 7-year-old kids. We are passionate about helping our clients to maximise their potential and make life-long changes that improve the quality of their experience.

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What is all this Flow?

Have you ever been so immersed in an activity that you lost yourself and emerged surprised by your own ability? Flow is this optimal state of functioning in which we perform at our best and feel at our best. Flow originated from psychological studies examining meaning and fulfilment, and has quickly become the holy grail for people wanting to perform optimally in challenging situations.

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Welcome to The Flow Centre, your secret edge to help lift your performance, creativity and fulfillment to the next level.

Flow is the scientific term for our optimal mental state that underpins our greatest and most memorable moments. Flow demands internal congruency, commitment, and energy; the path to finding flow can change lives and certainly leads to a more fulfilled life.

In combing 40 years of research, leading coaches and insights from multiple World Champions, it is clear that when we professionalise performance in a systematic manor, we unleash brilliance. Now it’s your turn to live like a Champion.

Whether youÔÇÖre an elite performer, executive, or enthusiast, we have training courses and coaching programs to help you find your flow.

Our mission is to educate a generation of flow seekers. Join us. You may be surprised by what you find.

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Flow Courses

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All of our knowledge and experience is disseminated in three game-changing courses. Level 1 can be undertaken from the comfort of your home online or as a group face-to-face. You will learn tried and tested techniques to finding flow and benefit from over 40 years of flow research. Level 2 goes in to greater depth exploring the underpinning principles to Level 1. It is ideal for flow enthusiasts or those wanting to find flow in their day-to-day. Level 3 examines how to help other people find flow in their lives. It is ideal for managers, coaches, executives or those wanting to work with The Flow Centre. All courses are designed to inspire, engage and have a considerable impact on your life.

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The Crew

Meet over 30 World and Olympic Champions, Record Holders and Flow Enthusiasts.

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What is Flow?

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Our team are located in London and Chichester in the UK and Perth and Brisbane in Australia. However, due to the nature of our work we can travel to you.


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