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The 12 Steps to Flow are the applied skills individuals can practice to find flow. The steps are based on evidence based psychological research and give great insight in to acquiring a flow mindset and finding flow.


The 12 Steps to Flow are split into 3 stages:


Stage 1 – Rewiring our Brain

Stage 1 develops a ‘Flow Mindset’ by changing the fundamental way in which we approach our events/performances. Initially we must educate ourselves on flow research and learn how to change our thinking to align itself with finding flow.

Stage 2 – Up-Skilling for Flow 

This stage looks at the time leading up to a special event or anticipated flow moment. It is in this stage that we fine-tune our mental approach and focus, taking the ordinary to the optimal.

Stage 3 – Peak Flow

This last step examines deeper states flow and how we can connect at a more profound level.


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