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The Flow Centre

The Flow Centre is a research, training and coaching organisation dedicated to understanding and teaching how flow enhances performance, creativity, decision-making, innovation and well-being.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate a new generation of flow seekers.

Flow has been an integral part to our lives. Whether it has helped us win Olympic medals or find unexpected creativity at work, finding flow has amplified our potential. We believe developing applied skills to finding flow is one of the greatest gifts that can be passed on to the next generation.

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The Flow Centre started through a passion to bring to light a series of practical performance techniques in which to obtain flow. Little practical evidence existed for athletes, artists and performers alike to learn about flow. The Flow centre is committed to solving this issue and providing people with a much needed resource.

‘Flow’ has been a much debated topic and boxed in the ‘personal development’ arena. However, the Flow Centre encourages a scientific approach to understanding the concept with an emphasis on practical application.

The Flow Centre is building a community of awakened people hungry for flow, and eager to learn. A place you can meet like minded people, share experiences and learn from each other not just from the coaches. It’s a centre where real progress can be made through exploration and commitment.

The Flow Centre offers a wide range of services, all designed to help you push your boundaries, take your performance or skill beyond your goals, and reach your innate levels of excellence. Whether you’re a world champion skier, executive or remarkable 14-year-old pianist, we’ll be committed to seeing your dreams become your reality.



Our team consists of academic experts in the science of flow, performers and coaches practising at an elite level in a multitude of fields. Through a practice of flow , widely seen as the dynamic state of excellence and fulfilment, we build into your lives a rigorous, flexible and fun programme to help you find flow.

Generally speaking, it’s predominantly the exceptionally talented or elite performers who take the time to study and use practical flow techniques in their lives and performances. However, flow can be used in all areas of our lives and work, by anyone. We welcome anyone who desires to know more about flow, whether you have a clear vision or not.

We are experts in own domain and committed to increasing flow in our own lives and the lives of others. We have an unprecedented respect for it, what it can accomplish, and the impact it can spread through people’s lives. We all seek to understand this exceptional state with greater clarity and practical application. We are part of a growing community of flow enthusiasts helping to raise awareness of flow states.


High Standards

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All our training and coaching is research based and facilitated by distinguished scientists and experienced practitioners. Our experts on flow set the quality and standards by which this global and leading flow training organisation is recognised.

We hope you choose to join the Flow Centre, so you can be part of the exciting journey to unlock our true potential.