Level 1 – Understanding Flow

Level 1 – Understanding Flow

Level 1 – Understanding Flow provides you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to recognise a flow experience. No longer do we have to accept dissatisfying experiences and average performances.



In this course we will look in detail at the flow experience, highlight decades of research, and ask you to start recognising how flow as interacted with your life. We will cover Flow Theory and demystify the experience so at the end of the course you can be certain that you know what Flow is, how to recognise it when it happens, and what to find moving forwards.


Online – Self Paced – Private 1-to-1 Coaching – Flow Theory

What We Do

You’ll emerge not only with the fundamental knowledge and personal experience of flow but also takeaway a couple of important flow skills to kick start your path to finding Flow. We will give you an overview of The Pathway to FlowTM and the Scientific Signature of FlowTM explaining how flow interacts physiologically with the brain and body.


What You Receive?

Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2, Level 3, and becoming a flow coach. It is delivered online and is self-paced. At the end of the course there will be a short online assessment to ensure you have digested all the information and then you will receive a private 1-to-1 coaching session with one of our resident Flow Coaches – this in itself is worth the value fo the course. You will be invited to join a great community of Flow Seekers and start a journey that will hopefully change your life.


What Other Say

“I took the FlowCentres online course, Level 1, and was very impressed by the quality and clarity of information on offer. As a trainer in leadership and professional development, I now have new information and tools to enrich the classes I teach. The one to one coaching session alone makes the cost of the course worthwhile. Recommended.” – Nick Kettles, Coach, Trainer

“I was very impressed by the breadth and depth of information covered during the course. I was also impressed with the level of personal care and attention I received…I am very much looking forward to level 2 and I am very grateful for being able to learn with the flow centre” – Hazel Findlay, World Renowned Climber

“Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed working with The Flow Centre. The idea of Flow was certainly new to me. Flow more think less, probably not what I expected when I booked. Working with FLOW has improved not only my personal performance but also the way I coach others. I would definitely recommend you to anyone seeking improved performance.” – Tony Eldridge

“After 15+ years of full time climbing and alpinism, whereby I accidentally engaged in the Flow State on a frequent basis in the mountains, I decided to take the time to learn the fundamentals behind Flow in Flow level 1 and 2. Learning the principals, science, and process of entering into the Flow State has allowed as allowed me to consciously engage in Flow experiences on a daily basis. In the end I feel more productive and rewarded in many aspects of my daily life.” – Zoe Hart – World Renowned Mountaineer

“The Flow: I would be best describe as letting our energy, thoughts, actions and reactions be continuously in the loop without being ‘Blocked’ or ‘Interfered’ on our activities we wish to excel. After attending the course, I managed to identify and control or isolate that matter which block and interfere with my performance. Cameron was able to bring my understanding to a new level where I am able to navigate myself on new challenges.” – Steven Thian

“Cameron and The Flow Centre have helped me to take the first steps towards integrating the Flow State into the next phase of my life. Understanding the mechanics of Flow has made me more conscious about how to consciously attain a Flow State in parts of my life where it doesn’t inherently surface. I look forward to a more meaningful journey into the future of my career thanks to the Flow Centre and all that I have learned.” – Anonymous

“I had experienced flow in my Royal Navy flying career for over 20 years but under another name. We called it ‘being in the bubble’ which was a place where we put ourselves, a metaphorical bubble where only mission specific information belonged, a cocoon in which our focus and concentration on the airborne fight, the aerial combat and task at hand was absolute. I was a flow seeker but had no understanding exactly how or why, certainly as a display pilot. My own self discipline and naval training had helped so far. I made the choice to do the Flow Level 1 course, to learn more about the power we have over attaining flow in any important areas of life. I wanted to gain a wider knowledge of the theory and research behind flow and high performance. Could I achieve flow as a father or husband, and train my brain to give me excellent performance in business? Can I use the skills I employed as a fighter pilot and solo display pilot where my competent subconscious was entirely reliable, and employ them elsewhere in my work as a coach, and keynote speaker? I found I really enjoyed his teaching and explaining the steps to flow. I immediately understood what he meant when he explained the concept. The quality of both level 1 and 2 course was excellent, especially the online training materials. The pace and depth satisfied me entirely, using examples form across sport and business. I learned so much that I did not hesitate to apply my learnings to my life and my own business. I enrolled on the level 2 course which was superb. Learning all about a flow seeker and the ability to achieve flow and elite high performance was so interesting. The Practical exercises, webinars and one to one coaching with both Sue and then Cameron were excellent. I felt I needed to know the theory, and be able to explain what flow is to friends and clients, and explain that the concept of flow is available to us all, and with a little work, are ability to drop into flow gets easier and easier with practice. As a parent and husband, in my coaching business, my keynote-speaking, training for triathlon, my wellbeing and beyond I am a flow seeker; I thoroughly recommend The Flow Centre to you. Are you serious about excellent performance in your area of life, then enrol and enjoy learning!” – Matt Whitfield – Pilot and Coach


We hope to see you on the course,

Cameron and The Flow Centre Team

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