Level 2 – Finding Flow

Level 2 – Finding Flow

Level 2 – Finding Flow outlines everything we know about how to find flow. We delve in to The Pathway to FlowTM and the applied steps that have helped many people develop their flow skills and quality of life.



Level 2 gives you a system to finding flow in whatever your pursuit. We will examine the 3 steps to flow and develop a personal ritual to help you find flow. You will emerge knowing what mindset to adopt in your future challenges, how to prepare your mind and body for the experience, and how to become totally immersed in the activity, surrendering yourself to Flow. We will show you how to use the principles of Flow as a ladder to help self-manage and self-regulate your experience, how to self-master your mind, and develop a sustainable system for finding Flow.


Develop a System for Flow – Build a Personal Case Study – Private 1-to-1 coaching



What We Do

You will learn how to build Flow blueprints, optimise emotions, awaken the mind and body, synchronise mind and body, engage and disengage with the head, heart and gut, and how to develop a resilient mindset. After establishing the fundamental skills to finding flow, we will spend time to create a free flowing energy in your practice and develop a case study that you can be proud of and use as the basis to your future experiences.


What You Receive?

Level 2 involves both self-paced learning and group online webinars.  We work with you to help you understand the theory, apply the training and then with private 1-to-1 coaching how to integrate it in to your life. At the end of the course there will be a short online assessment, reflections, a chance to present to the TFC team, and your very own workbook with all the flow skills included. No doubt you will meet some great connections along the way.


We hope to see you on the course,

Cameron and The Flow Centre Team

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