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We have worked with Olympic Champions to aspiring professionals and 7 year old kids. All with them aim to help build a mindset that induces performance, creativity and excellent decision-making.

We will work together to define your goals and vision, whilst understanding your current training and performance routines.

Together, we will look at your history, past performances and identify any blockages. We will will look at what mental skills and performance cues can help you reach your flow frequently. We will give you the required skills to set you free and thrive.

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Who We Coach


Juniors, amateurs or the world elite, we are committed to helping you find your flow. With foundations in sports performance we know what it takes to reach the top.


We know how to amplify high performance, creativity, decision-making, and innovation – it’s what we do. From 1-to-1 executive coaching to private CEO groups, we look forward to seeing you thrive.


We have worked with circus performers to brass players. We are excited to meet you, whatever your arena.


If youÔÇÖre committed to your development and career, we will guide you to your greatest moments.

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ÔÇ£The Flow State is what takes life to the next level, for enjoyment and performance. Over my career I have developed a mindset that has helped me through high-pressure scenarios and Olympic focus. It has been critical to reaching a string of excellent performances.ÔÇØ

Rebecca Soni ÔÇô 8 Olympic Medals


Meet Your Coaches




Meet Cameron

Cameron Norsworthy has coached World Champions, executives and professionals of all ages and standards. Cameron has been an entrepreneur for 14 years and wrote his first flow dissertation in 2003.

Cameron spent his junior years playing national schools rugby and competing for England as a junior tennis player, where he experienced three and a half years at one of the worldÔÇÖs best intensive training centres in America. Cameron went on to play three world championships, reach national finals, and represent the UK in junior tennis before stopping due to injury.

Cameron studied Sports Psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and is always continuing his training. During his time at university Cameron has written 3 dissertations on flow and was privileged to be chosen to present his findings to the British Psychological Society.

Cameron has been a successful entrepreneur for 14 years, and when he is not chasing waves kitesurfing or skiing in powder, you will find him on the football pitch or on a mat. He currently works with several world champions and world record holders, and is committed to understanding the science behind flow states. Cameron’s coaching style is dynamic and fun, focused on practical application.


Meet Sue

Author of Flow in Sports, Susan Jackson has been involved in flow research since the 1990ÔÇÖs. Sue is a psychologist, yoga and meditation teacher, and worked with weekend warriors to Olympic champions.

Since 1993 Sue has enjoyed an academic career in Australian universities. Sue has published extensively on flow in both refereed journal articles and in applied publications. With her flow mentor, Mike Csikszentmihalyi, she co-authored Flow in Sports: The Keys to Optimal Experiences and Performances, in 1999.

In 2008, Sue moved from an academic-focused career into full-time consulting, and since this time she has focused her work in applied practitioner roles. Sue is a practising psychologist, with a specialisation in sport and exercise psychology. She is also a yoga teacher, and trained in mindfulness-meditation approaches including ACT and iRest yoga nidra. Sue brings both an in-depth understanding of the science behind flow states, and a practical tool-kit of psychological strategies and skills, to her coaching work. She enjoy working with all levels of performers, helping success become a standard.






Meet Elena

Elena Sosa Tejerina has been working with athletes, managers, artists and creative minds since 2007. Elena is a sports psychologist and worked in the high performance industry throughout Spain, UK and USA.

Elena has been a sports enthusiast since a kid enjoying skiing, running, rock climbing, sailing, horseback riding…the list goes on!

Elena underwent her Bachelors degree in Psychology in MadridÔÇÖs Complutense University. She went on to study and MSc in Sports Psychology and High Performance from Autonomous University of Barcelona. Elena is also a trained CoActive Coach through CTI.

Elena has been an avid follower of The Flow model, held flow retreats, and finds a focus on flow extremely helpful to people looking to take their life’s and performances to the next level.

Elena believes in an holistic approach from a healthy mind to a healthy diet. Her inspiration is those that she works with; her drive is their improvement; and her aim is their success.

How We Work


One-Off Sessions

One-off sessions are for those wishing to dip your toes in or top up an existing package.

Prices vary depending on location and longevity. Expenses are excluded from prices.

Great for getting to meet the coach and understand how we would move forwards.




Our monthly retainers are bespoke and designed to match your specific needs.

The retainer not only saves you money, but allows us to support you through phone and messaging etc

Prices vary depending on location and longevity. Expenses are excluded from prices.


Pay In Advance

Commit to 10 or more sessions and we give back to you.

Not only do you save money, we will take you through the foundations of flow training along your journey. You will also receive the same benefits as course attendees

Expenses are excluded from prices.


What is Flow Coaching?


We guide you with unconditional positive regard to reach your goals.

We will attend areas that need nurturing, and facilitate learning where growth is required.

We use both humanistic approaches to more direct and challenging methods.


Our focus is on helping you find your greatest moments yet to come.

Well-being, excellence, creativity and innovation are by-products from finding more flow.

Throughout the coaching sessions you will be guided through our flow training programs.



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