The Pathway to Flow contains 3 steps that anyone can utilise to manage their experience and practice finding Flow. The steps and elements within are based on evidence-based psychological research.


The Pathway to Flow is split into 3 steps:


Step 1 – Mindset

In order to find Flow frequently, we must first fundamentally change the way in which we think to be aligned with an autotelic personality.

Step 2 – Preparation

In preparation for a specific event, the management of mind and body is key to finding Flow. Our perspective, emotions and thoughts all play a determining role in our ability to thrive in the moment.

Step 3 – Immersion

In the moment, we have the power to either limit our ability, through endeavouring to consciously control the experience, or to maximise our ability, by trusting our innate capabilities and reaching a total immersion in the act.


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The Pathway to Flow

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