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We are an organisation dedicated to understanding Flow and optimal functioning.

From World Champions to business leaders we have coached and trained a wide variety of professionals. Having published numerous academic articles and trained the coaches that readily amplify people’s performance, creativity and self-development, we pride ourselves on our experience. Our centre of excellence is here to serve you.

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Welcome to The Flow Centre, your edge to lifting life to the next level.

Flow represents the pinnacle of internal harmony, synchronicity, and optimal functioning. We consider the lessons surrounding flow the greatest gift we can pass on to future generations – which is why we do what we do.

Join Us. Do you want to become a Flow Seeker, Flow Coach, Flow Researcher, Flow Investor, or Flow Ambassador? The TFC crew consist of World Champions, professional coaches, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, innovators, and members who all add valuable insights to The Flow Centre’s mission.

The Flow Centre is the global leader in Flow training and coaching. Our success has stemmed from our strong integrity to add quality information to the wider world. This includes utilising research from multiple disciplines and integrating the practical wisdom from the performing elite. The Flow Centre is always engaging in research projects to further advance our holistic understanding and application of Flow.

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