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Level 2 – Finding Flow

Finding Flow outlines everything we know about how to find flow. We delve in to The Pathway to FlowTM and the applied steps that have helped many people develop their flow skills and quality of life.


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Flow Coach

Working with others is a journey that you will never forget. Why? The tools you learn on this course and the feedback you will receive, will help shape not only your professional capacity but also how you interact with people.


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Level 3 – Integrating Flow

Level 3 offers a progression from Level 2 and is our ultimate course that takes being a Flow Seeker to whole a new level. WARNING! This course can be life-changing. We examine all areas of your life from your relationships to your career and ensure Flow is congruent throughout.


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Level 1 – Understanding Flow

In this course we will look in detail at the flow experience, highlight decades of research, and ask you to start recognising how flow as interacted with your life. We will cover Flow Theory and demystify the experience so you can understand all it's components.


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