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We have a number of different flow and performance courses to meet your needs and give you the skills to level up in your career and life.

The Foundations of Flow is our short introductory course to learn more about what flow is and how it can benefit you.

After that if you are looking for training courses then we have two signature courses (certification included). The Flow Certificate is our entry level course giving all the basics of what you need to know and The Flow Graduate is our advanced signature course that delivers all you need to know to excel and thrive in your life.

Possibly our most popular course is Masterminds. In fact, it is more than a training course, moreover, you gain access to a small group of like-minded people to share your journey with. This is ideal for active professionals who want ongoing support, guidance, and coaching as well as some info to inspire their performance and development for each month. We know everyone can’t afford a private coach, so Masterminds has been designed to give you an exclusive group with a dedicated coach.


Training Courses

*Flow Certificate is prerequisite for the Flow Graduate course

Exclusive Groups

Course Overviews


This short course is designed so you can wet your toes without jumping in the water.

In the Foundations of Flow, we will look in detail at the Flow experience and ask you to start recognising how Flow has interacted with your life. You’ll emerge with important Flow skills to kick start your path to finding Flow.

In this introductory course, we will give you an overview of the Pathway to Flow and explain how flow interacts with yoru mind and body.

At the end of the course you will be invited to join a great community of Flow Seekers and start a journey that will hopefully change your life.

AU$95 (approx £53 / €55 / US$65)

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You are one step away from gaining your Flow Certificate. In this course we will teach you all the basics surrounding Finding flow.

We will synthesise over 40 years of research, show you how to use the principles of Flow as a ladder to help self-regulate your experience and master your mind.

You will develop a sustainable system for approaching the challenges in your life and finding Flow in all that you do. We will go into detail about The Pathway to Flow™ and the Scientific Signature of Flow™.

We will explain how flow interacts with your mind and body and how to harness your innate skills to maximise your performance and experience in any given situation.

You will be invited to join a great community of Flow Seekers and start a journey that will hopefully change your life.

This course is a compulsory pre-requisite for the Flow Graduate.

AU$695  – Limited time only AU$495 (approx £275 / €300 / US$345)

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The Flow Graduate is our final signature course for self-development. We go beyond 1-to-1 coaching and support you through the thick and thin of your integrations. Everything you need will be at your fingertips. It is our ultimate course that takes being a Flow Seeker to whole a new level.

We examine all areas of your life from your relationships to your career and ensure Flow is congruent throughout. You will present your flow training programme to the founders of TFC, receive a number of private 1-to-1 coaching sessions to make sure that your learning is embedded and the training is truely transformative.

Most importantly you will create a personalised flow ritual and training programme that works. During the course you will have practiced and refined your skills and tweaked any skills for different areas in your life.

On certification you become an exclusive member of our academy graduates and may also benefit from future collaborations with TFC, if of interest.

AU$3450 (approx £1895 / €2095 / US$2395)

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Masterminds is an exclusive group for those wanting an affordable and consistent training programme. We digest all the latest psychological teachings, invite guest experts, and give you the best of it on a platter. Complete the year and get a TFC Certificate.

Each month a dedicated coach to your small private group will deliver themed content to help you learn, grow, and find flow. Your dedicated coach will facilitate an open circle each month and work with you 1-on-1 every quarter.

Every month you will receive exclusive content to the group, enjoy webinars, practical challenges, tips, and benefit from interacting with your coach directly and other group members.

This group is ideal for active professionals wanting a bit of everything without breaking the bank. If you are a group we will facilitate your own private group. If you are an individual then we will place you in an appropriate group to help you thrive.

$145 per month (approx £78 / €88 / US$100)

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If you are looking for some high performance training or mental skills training then you are in the right place. we carry out in person training in Perth, Brisbane, Australia, London, England and Holland, and often travel to other locations on request. Join us. It may be one of the best decisions you ever make.


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