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If flow interests you then this course is a must. Whether you are a student, athlete or CEO, if you want to improve your mental skills and self-leadership this course will give you rich information to self-manage and self-develop. Whether you’re seeking more performance, creativity or self-development and fulfilment the skills in this course are transferable to all these domains.


What you will receive?

You are one step away from gaining your Flow Certificate. In this course we will teach you all the basics surrounding Finding flow. We will synthesise over 40 years of research, show you how to use the principles of Flow as a ladder to help self-regulate your experience and master your mind. You will develop a sustainable system for approaching the challenges in your life and finding Flow in all that you do.

In this in-depth course, we will go into detail about The Pathway to Flow™ and the Scientific Signature of Flow™. We will explain how flow interacts with your mind and body and how to harness your innate skills to maximise your performance and experience in any given situation.

During this course you will be given a course facilitator to communicate with throughout the course. During the final module you will have a 1-to-1 with a dedicated TFC coach to give you specific feedback and help answer any questions or address any challenges.

You will be invited to join a great community of Flow Seekers and start a journey that will hopefully change your life. You will be able to connect and interact with people all over the world. You’ll learn from experts in various fields, TEDx speakers, World Champions, famous scientists and World Champion coaches.

This course is a compulsory pre-requisite for the Flow Diploma.

What you’ll learn

In-depth training in The Pathway to Flow™.

Build a personal case study of finding Flow.

Learn what mindset to adopt in various future challenges.

Learn how resilience works and how to apply it.

Learn how to self-regulate your experience to find an internal harmony during difficult moments.

Learn how to build Flow blueprints, optimise emotions, and awaken both mind and body.

Learn how to synchronise mind and body, engage and disengage with the head, heart and gut.

Only US$495 (AU$695 – €300)

We believe in disseminating critical information on Flow, which is why we have created this affordable course. The 1-to-1 coaching session is worth the cost alone.

It takes a few clicks to get started. It really is that easy.


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Meet Your Coaches

Cameron Norsworthy

Cameron is a coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur. He has been a junior British tennis player, and awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance. Cameron has coached numerous World Champions, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Fascinated by optimal experience, Cameron founded The Flow Centre to help put Flow states on the map and give people the tools to manifest the life they have always dreamed of.

Susan Jackson

Sue is an author, sport psychologist and mindfulness-meditation teacher. Sue has been involved in the psychology of Flow since completing a PhD on flow state in elite athletes in the early 1990s. Sue is one of the most cited authors on Flow including having created the most widely used instrument by which we measure flow today. Sue’s work in Flow has helped to make this optimal psychological state understandable and more accessible to all levels of performers, from weekend warriors to Olympic Champions.

This course is mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly. You can download the app and even absorb and engage with the training on the run.

The course is action-based learning, aimed to engage and embed your learning using the latest e-learning technology available.

The community, course content, your notes, and communication with your coach, are all on the one platform so that you can enjoy a streamline experience.

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See what others have to say…

“The Flow State is what takes life to the next level, for enjoyment and performance. Over my career I have developed a mindset that has helped me through high-pressure scenarios and Olympic focus. It has been critical to reaching a string of excellent performances.”

Rebecca Soni – 6 Olympic Medals, World Record Holder

“Richard Feynman was famous for his method of learning the complex. If you can’t explain it to a five year old, change your language and try again. Flow is an extremely complex topic that I have studied for years with many of the leading teachers around the world and I have not come across language and concepts as accessible as provided by Cameron and Susan from the Flow Centre. I devoured the Level 1 course within a day and loved the way the language allowed me to inquire deeply. I was provided a powerful framework to create increased opportunities for flow in my performance.”
Steve Brophy, Coach, Trainer

“I now have new tools to enrich the classes I teach. I took The Flow Centres online course, Foundations of Flow, and was very impressed by the quality and clarity of information on offer. As a trainer in leadership and professional development, I now have new information and tools to enrich the classes I teach. Recommended.”
Nick Kettles, Coach, Trainer

“Cameron and The Flow Centre have helped me to take the first steps towards integrating the Flow State into the next phase of my life. Understanding the mechanics of Flow has made me more conscious about how to consciously attain a Flow State in parts of my life where it doesn’t inherently surface. I look forward to a more meaningful journey into the future of my career thanks to the Flow Centre and all that I have learned.”
Sally Frear, Executive

“Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed working with The Flow Centre. The idea of Flow was certainly new to me. Flow more, think less, probably not what I expected when I booked. Working with FLOW has improved not only my personal performance but also the way I coach others. I would definitely recommend this to anyone seeking improved performance.”
Tony Eldridge

“After 15+ years of full time climbing and alpinism, whereby I accidentally engaged in the Flow State on a frequent basis in the mountains, I decided to take the time to learn the fundamentals behind Flow in Flow level 1 and 2. Learning the principals, science, and process of entering into the Flow State has allowed as allowed me to consciously engage in Flow experiences on a daily basis. In the end I feel more productive and rewarded in many aspects of my daily life.”
Zoe Hart

“After attending the course, I managed to identify and control or isolate many things that block and interfere with my performance. Cameron and TFC was able to bring my understanding to a new level, where I am now able to navigate myself on my challenges.”
Steven Thain

“Learning about flow has been life-changing for me in all areas of life. It will give you a tried and tested system to use in any challenge. I wish I had started much earlier with this, because you can learn how to find flow.”
Lorraine Huber, World Champion Skier


What’s the go?

Online & Self-Paced

We all have busy schedules. Get started and complete the course in your own time. It’s all online.

Rigorous & Reliable

We deliver a world-leading programme; synthesising and applying decades of Flow research. Join in and find out for yourself.

Affordable & Accessible

The coaching session alone is worth it, let alone the comprehensive course and detailed tools and methodologies to finding Flow.

Only US$495
(AU$695 – €300)

The Curriculum

Introduction to community

The Pathway to Flow™ – Theory and Practice

Self-leadership – Application & Exercises

Self-Regulation – Application & Exercises

Self-Trust – Application & Exercises

Integration into your life

Embedding the learning

Developing your flow ritual

Only US$495
(AU$695 – €300)

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server




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