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Why Become a Flow Coach

Community Support

The Flow Centre is a global community. By becoming part of this community the peer-to-peer support and learning available is a stand alone reason to become a flow coach.

Enhance Your Credibility

The Flow Centre is trusted by a variety of elite performers globally to maximise flow, performance, creativity and motivation. It operates at the highest standards of performance and scientific rigour.

Add Value

Regardless of what you may be coaching and to who or where, becoming a flow coach raises your ability to connect, empower, and drive learning, performance and creativity.

Understanding how to teach others to find their own flow, adds a whole new level of value to what you do. You will learn a host of new skills and techniques to amplify your effectiveness.

What You Receive?

  • Cutting edge coaching techniques used by elite performers
  • Practical flow coaching skills
  • Session plans and templates
  • Supervision
  • Community and organizational support
  • Marketing materials
  • Blueprint of running a successful coaching business
  • Affiliation with The Flow Centre
  • A stream of ongoing ideas and tips to use in your work
  • Tools designed to facilitate flow coaching


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What Does it Mean to Be Flow Coach?

The Flow Centre Core Coaching Values

All coaches are qualified coaches or psychologists and adhere to The Flow Centre core values:

Integrity: We uphold the high scientific standards of The Flow Centre and value honesty, accuracy, clarity, and fairness in all interactions.

Empowerment: We always endeavour to empower others and create interdependence.

Respect: We value the dignity, rights and worth of all persons regardless of differing values.

Accountability: We are accountable for our work and commitments.

Positivity: We value unconditional positive regard and practice the principles of positive psychology.

Being Present: We are present and available with all client interactions.

7 Differences

Below are 7 differences between a standard coach or psychologist
and a flow coach.

  1. Accredited coach by The Flow Centre
  2. Educated on the latest scientific findings surrounding flow
  3. Committed to using the validated flow model as the concept of flow
  4. Committed to helping people find more flow in their lives
  5. Trained and assessed on teaching people to find flow
  6. Ongoing insights of World Champions and Olympians
  7. Received supervised training from The Flow Centre

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How to Become a Flow Coach?

Level 1

Level 1 delivers a fully comprehensive course on the theory and practice of flow. It is 100% online and split over 3 weeks. It includes e-learning, video lectures, live webinars and 1-to-1 coaching.

Level 2

Level 2 takes an in-depth and personal dive in to your own unique ways of finding flow. The course is 5 days long and delivered in small groups.

Level 3

Level 3 focuses on preparing you to becoming a flow coach. We address coaching styles, session content, marketing yourself, and applied coaching techniques. The initial course lasts for 2 days, then there are practical tasks to carry out over the next month.

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