The Brain’s Ridiculous Processing Power

The Brain’s Ridiculous Processing Power

With so much information what do we actually experience?

The consciousness is taking only the most important and the amount that reflects the maximum possible absorption of objective reality. Of the 400 billion bits of information per second that reach the brain, only 2,000 bits are utilized so that man has conscience of the world around them. It is as much information about the environment, about their bodies and about what kind of decision will be taken in time. The perception of reality so to speak, is extremely limited.

Thus, the eyes are not the real editors of reality, but the visual cortex in the occipital lobe which establishes the relationship with the mnemonic ÔÇ£meaningless imagesÔÇØ exposed to the viewer through the retina. But all this amount of information the brain is still the subject of investigations by many scientists.

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