As we become more aware of our breath and deepen the in-breath and out-breath, we help deepen the mind body connection. To help this process visualise your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Start by becoming aware of where the air normally goes.

Does it go into your upper chest or maybe you breath air into your stomach? Practise sucking in air deep into your stomach until it’s full then allow the air to slowly fill up the lungs from the bottom up until there is no space left except the throat and mouth. Once these areas have been filled, slowly start releasing the air out in reverse order.

Keep practising this lengthening the breath every time. As you spend time lengthening your breath, you awareness will begin to go everywhere and anywhere. Where possible stay disciplined and keep focusing on the breath.

Simply be aware of what is happening inside your body and outside your body during the breath. Staying present to the moment or ‘now’, is a valuable tool in any circumstance. After much practise you can use this tool to anchor yourself to the present in a matter of seconds.


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