It is important to acknowledge the building blocks of confidence. Confidence doesn’t just happen randomly one day, it is built over time with experience. It has a foundation full of building blocks that we have consciously, or unconsciously put in place. This exercise takes a closer look at these blocks and gives us a structure we can use to build confidence when we want.

Write down a list of what you do really well in your performance.
Imagine a scenario where you are really confident. What does it look like? Let’s turn this state into a goal. Write down this goal as an outcome.

Now write down a list of smaller steps you believe you need to have, feel, do, see, believe in order to reach this state/goal. These steps must all be in your control and not affected by external circumstances.

For each of the above steps write down 2 to 3 smaller steps that would need to happen for each of the above steps to be real.

Now every time you are training or performing, increase your awareness to these smaller stepping stones or building blocks. Every time one of them happens, pinch or press the tip of one of your fingers. You can choose to touch any part of your body, that realistically works with your sport, the important thing is to do this immediately after you recognise the smaller steps happening and in exactly the same place every time. Don’t change fingers, pinch/press the same finger in exactly the same place every time one of the steps happen.
Every time you pinch your finger tip, you are telling your body to remember this success and create a strong foundation of confidence. After a period of time this act of pinching your fingertip will become an anchor that the body associates with feelings of success and confidence. If you repeat this process regularly enough, overtime you will be able to use this action to initiate confidence when you confidence levels are low. However, first you need to build this anchor repeatedly. We recommend to do this process whenever you can in training, repeating it hundreds of times, always increasing your confidence and building a confidence anchor to be used when you need it.


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