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If you want to improve your performance, creativity, motivation and well being, then you have come to the right place. Our sports and performance psychologists are local to Brisbane and look forward to meeting you soon.

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We have worked with Olympic Champions to aspiring professionals and 7 year old kids. All with them aim to help build a mindset that induces performance, creativity and excellent decision-making.

We will work together to define your goals and vision, whilst understanding your current training and performance routines.

Together, we will look at your history, past performances and identify any blockages. We will will look at what mental skills and performance cues can help you reach your flow frequently. We will give you the required skills to set you free and thrive.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Who We Coach


Juniors, amateurs or the world elite, we are committed to helping you find your flow. With foundations in sports performance our sports and performance psychologists know what it takes to reach the top.


We know how to amplify high performance, creativity, decision-making, and innovation – it’s what we do. From 1-to-1 executive coaching to private CEO groups, we look forward to seeing you thrive.


We have worked with circus performers to brass band players. We walk the walk and are often performing oursleves in one way or another. We are excited to meet you, whatever your arena.


If you re committed to your development and career, we will help guide you to your success. We have worked with judges, surgeons, teachers, principals, doctors, psychologists, executives, speakers, instructors, military personnel, to name a few professionals.  We are excited to meet you, whatever the profession.

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Meet Your Coaches

Meet Susan Jackson

Sue is a psychologist, author, mindfulness-meditation and yoga teacher. Since 1993, Sue has published extensively on flow, after her PhD thesis on flow received multiple awards. With her flow mentor, Mike Csikszentmihalyi, Sue co-authored Flow in Sports: The Keys to Optimal Experiences and Performances, in 1999. In addition to holding academic positions in sport psychology, Sue has worked with high performers across a range of endeavours, from executives to Olympic champions.

Since 1993 Sue has enjoyed an academic career in Australian universities. In 2008, Sue moved from an academic-focused career into full-time consulting, and since this time she has focused her work in applied practitioner roles. Sue is a practising psychologist, with a specialisation in sport and exercise psychology. She is also a yoga teacher, and trained in mindfulness-meditation approaches including ACT and iRest yoga nidra. Sue brings both an in-depth understanding of the science behind flow states, and a practical tool-kit of psychological strategies and skills, to her coaching work. She enjoy working with all levels of performers, helping success become a standard.

Sue is located in Brisbane, Australia








Meet Cameron Norsworthy

Cameron Norsworthy is a coach, entrepreneur, author and speaker. Cameron focuses on integrated coaching techniques that encourage sustainable transformations and rewards.

Cameron has been a junior British tennis player, and awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance. Cameron has coached numerous World Champions, executives, entrepreneurs, and high profile military personnel. Cameron has recently secured a publishing deal with MacMillan and agent Curtis Brown for a book on finding Flow.

Cameron has had a varied and impressive career to date. Starting out as an international athlete, Cameron experienced some of the world best intensive training centres in America and UK. Cameron went on to play three world championships, reach the UK finals, and represent the UK in junior tennis before stopping due to injury.

Fascinated by optimal experience, Cameron studied Sports Psychology at postgraduate level and has focused on Flow within his PHD, whilst publishing multiple academic articles on Flow.

Cameron is a qualified International Coaching Federation coach, holds a post-graduate certification in Business and Personal Coaching, and numerous certifications in a range of coaching and counselling domains.

Cameron has been a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years. He first founded and managed a UK adventure sports tour operator, Active Adventures Ltd. In 2013, Cameron founded The Flow Centre to align his training and passions and put Flow in the public eye.

When he is not chasing waves kitesurfing or skiing in powder, you will find him on the football pitch or on a yoga mat. Cameron’s coaching style is dynamic and fun, focused on practical application. Cameron’s sessions target embodied cognition. So get ready for something both psychologically and physically adventurous.

Cameron is Based in Perth, Western Australia and London, UK.


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