We wanted to develop our own coaches to be the most sought after coaches worldwide. So, we devised a comprehensive course to cover the best of our training and practical expertise.

This course includes content from post graduate coaching, psychology, NLP, counselling, and neuroscience courses. Invest in your future with over 40 modules of exceptional content.

This course is for you if you want:

  • To become a professional certified coach
  • To enhance your leadership skills
  • To learn highly effective communication skills
  • The very best coach training available
  • A personal journey that is life-changing

What you will receive?

You will have all the theory, knowledge and practical skills required to be the best coach you can be.

Choosing your coaching course is more than just about the course. We continue to help our coaches years after there courses and we see your participation on the course as a life-long relationship with us.

A 12 day highly interactive course designed to meet the ICF ACTP training requirements.

It is packed with the knowledge and embodied learning required to become an accredited coach but also goes further to give you the wealth of our experience and practical know-how to fully support your future endeavours.

You will receive:

  • A widely respected TFC Coaching Certificate
  • Expert mentoring from world renowned coaches
  • Expert tuition from World Champions & international speakers
  • Ongoing support and opportunities
  • A comprehensive coaching toolkit of 50+ coaching solutions

Please see our  brochure for this course:


Our small group sizes and focus on quality is the reason why people who have already done ACTP coach training with other companies still undergo the TFC Coaching Certificate.

We offer you:

  • An experienced team of world-renowned coaches, authors, and speakers
  • The best of traditional and cutting-edge coaching techniques and methods
  • A comprehensive manual containing a wealth of tools and approaches
  • Plenty of practical experience coaching from day one of the course
  • Frequent personalised feedback to help facilitate your growth


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Course Modules and Content

You will have all the theory, knowledge and practical skills required to be the best coach you can be.

Note: Days may run in a different order depending on our tutor and guest speaker availability. 

ICF Accreditation

Becoming an ICF Certified Coach requires the following:

Completion of an entire ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) – Includes 140  coaching hours (Sufficient for PCC level) and 10 mentoring hours.

A minimum of 100 hours (70 paid*) of coaching experience and Completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment

Typical coaching courses under an ACSTH or portfolio pathway cover 60hrs of training and which require you to re-train to become a PCC coach and undergo additional independent performance evaluations from the ICF.

This course covers you to become a professional coach (PCC) – a standard for respected coaches.

Note: The course is currently being assessed by the ICF for credentialing. Students will be grandfathered the full ACTP ICF training requirements once accredited.

Why ICF?

Being an ICF ACCREDITED is considered more attractive and respected than having a Masters, post graduate, or alternative coaching qualification. In short, it will be bring you more clients and open more doors.

Why? The ICF is an established body that has accountable ethics, code of conduct, continued training and quality assessments. It is recognised worldwide, in business and leisure, and requires not just knowledge acquisition but practical mastery. In short, it represents the highest quality in professional coaching.

See https://coachfederation.org/icf-credential for more details.



Meet Your Facilitators

Cameron Norsworthy

Cameron is a coach, keynote speaker, author and founder of The Flow Centre. Cameron was a junior British tennis player, and has been awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance.

In sport, Cameron has helped athletes become the world’s best, working with over ten World Champions. In business, he has helped CEO’s become impactful leaders, change their culture, and conduct mergers. In education, Cameron has helped schools cultivate a culture that allows both teachers and kids to excel in their learning.

Cameron is a qualified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), holds a post-graduate certification in Business and Personal Coaching, and numerous certifications in a range of coaching and professional development domains.

Cameron has been a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years. Recently, in 2013, Cameron founded The Flow Centre to put Flow and coaching in the public eye.

Susan Jackson

Sue is a psychologist, author, mindfulness-meditation and yoga teacher. Since 1993, Sue has published extensively on flow, after her PhD thesis on flow received multiple awards.

Together with Mike Csikszentmihalyi, Sue co- authored the book ‘Flow in Sports’. In addition to holding academic positions in sport psychology, Sue has worked with high performers across a range of endeavours, from executives to Olympic champions.

Since 1993 Sue has enjoyed an academic career in Australian universities. In 2008, Sue moved from an academic-focused career into full-time consulting, and since this time she has focused her work in applied practitioner roles. Sue is a practising psychologist and trained in mindfulness-meditation approaches including ACT and iRest yoga nidra.

Sue brings both an in-depth scientific understanding and a practical tool-kit of psychological strategies.


Learning Outcomes

  • 10 Hours of mentoring meeting the ICF accreditation
  • requirements for the ACTP pathway  route
  • Feedback on your areas of strength and development
  • Peer-to-peer live coaching experience
  • Experiential coaching exercises to embed your learning
  • Time to reflect to deepen your understanding
  • Ongoing support and supervision from our facilitators
  • Eight hours of group mentoring and 2 hours one-to-one
  • Connections to others in our community
  • Detailed understanding of ICF ethics and competencies
  • Detailed support on your ICF certification and application
  • A range of powerful exercises from a multitude of domains to solidify and expand your skills – and when to use them
  • A comprehensive background on coaching
  • How coaching differentiates from other disciplines
  • Fundamental psychological theories of human behaviour
  • Knowledge on how the brain functions and operates
  • A deep understanding of thoughts and emotions
  • Confidence in using the coaching competencies
  • Help to identify your own ‘blind spots’
  • An ability to deeply listen to the underpinning factors at play and not just what the coachee presents
  • An ability to develop your intuitive action
  • An ability to ask pertinent and provoking questions
  • Experience in how to seize opportunities
  • An ability to develop trust quickly and effectively
  • An ability to manage a coaching session safely
  • An awareness of your coaching strengths
  • Practice of how to prepare for coaching sessions
  • A range of ‘what to do’ and ‘not to do’ as a new coach
  • How to uncover your client’s purpose, vision and values
  • An ability to identify the next best step for your client
  • The integral skills required to be an effective coach
  • Powerful insights to real-life situations
  • The attributes of a successful coach
  • An plan of your future as a coach


Why become certified with us?

Put simply, we walk the walk and are committed to help you do the same.

1 – Our Facilitators

Not only do you receive expert tuition but you get 12+ days with experts in the field in which you can ask questions and absorb their experience. Your facilitators matter. Ultimately, you get what you pay for.

The TFC Coaching Certificate is facilitated by a world renowned coaches and guest speakers who have helped many World Champions, CEOs and leaders of organisations achieve success. This real-world wisdom and insight is disseminated directly to you.


2 – Our Standards

As with everything at The Flow Centre, we strive for excellence in our courses, training and coaching. Our reputation relies on it.

From the course materials to the course structure, we do not cut corners in order to to save money or push through a coach that is not ready. True learning and competence comes from embodied learning, which is why we go over and above to ensure that you have the sufficient practical experience and feedback to meet our standards.

3 – Range of Content

The course content is always updated to include the latest scientific advancements and cutting edge skills that are working in the profession of coaching.

In our courses you will find neuroscientific coaching techniques and psychophysiological methods that we have never seen on other coaching courses. It is important you are up-to-date with the latest insights and techniques when graduating.


Register Your Interest

In order to register your interest please fill out the form below. We look forward to meeting you on the course 🙂

Our course acceptance is on an interview basis to ensure that we are a right fit for each other. Once you have registered we will contact you to arrange a time to connect.