Flow & Education

Flow is the scientific term for an optimal state of functioning in which we have a total concentration on the task at hand and use our skills to the upmost. In educational environments Flow has been shown to induce the short-term benefits of enjoyment, gratification, and a sense of mastery from learning tasks in both teachers and students. Longer-term benefits of Flow include academic confidence, increased desire to seek out further education, and being a predictor of future academic performance. These workshops highlight how we can use Flow principles to create optimal learning environments.

Flow to Learn provides an opportunity for you to:

  • Learn over 40 years of research surrounding Flow
  • Understand how to maximise Flow in the classroom
  • Integrate Flow principles in to the culture
  • Help students develop a self-determined approach to their personal management

All our workshops are customised to the groups requirements.

If you are interested to chat further and find out more about our tailored workshops, simply fill out the contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

“Flow captures the intention of all life experiences and is certainly the intention or stated purpose of every human endeavour, be it individual or group, team or institution. All the ‘iatry’ (care) aspects of the helping sciences, e.g. Psychiatry and psychology, medicine and all the human sciences and social sciences are embroiled in the task of pursuing Flow. This is ultimately the purpose of human existence for we wish always to have a better world laced with care and of course a living performance level that enables all to contribute to the best of their capacity moment-to-moment” – John Hendry

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