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Optimal Learning

At the heart of every optimal learning environment is an individual’s ability to find Flow. When the classroom and the culture are facilitative towards Flow, then great results can be achieved.

The Global McKinsey Institute’s research found that people are fives times more productive in Flow. Which is why it comes to no surprise that organisations like Red Bull and United States Air Force integrate Flow into their learning and training. In the words of Sir Richard Branson, “In two hours in flow I can accomplish tremendous things!” 

Monthly Student Training

Innovative Workshops

Masterminds is a comprehensive psychophysiological training solution for students. It is a turn key solution that is affordable and effective. We digest all the latest psychological teachings, invite guest experts, and give you the best of it on a platter. Every month we focus on a topical theme that adds value to individual leadership, self-management, and well-being. Complete the year and get a TFC Mental Skills Training Certificate and the chance to become a student ambassador…More

The Flow Centre is trusted by a variety of elite performers and organisations to maximise Flow, performance, creativity and motivation. Flow has been researched to induce enjoyment, gratification, sense of mastery, academic confidence, increased further education, and is used as a predictor of future academic performance. Now is your chance to engage and create an optimal learning environment…More