flow and yoga

Flow in Yoga

From the founders of The Flow Centre and published authors on flow, performance, mindfulness, and well-being. Our training covers a spectrum of research within performance and organisational psychology, neuroscience, psychophysiology, and lessons from the world elite.

  • Learn over 40 years of research surrounding flow
  • Understand how to maximise flow in your yoga sessions
  • Build a personalised flow training program
  • Realise a gateway to a higher level of consciousness
  • Undergo the same training as multiple World Champions

ÔÇ£It has revolutionised my yoga practice. I now have a framework to maximise every session. It entices me back to the mat.ÔÇØ – Jack Hudson-Williams


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So What Next?

We live and breathe flow in sports, which is why we have developed a series of courses and coaching programmes. All our expertise and experience has been poured into these programmes in the aim of helping you find your flow.