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Our team have spent a lifetime researching flow. Whether it has been competing as performers, writing dissertations and published articles on flow, or creating the very techniques by which flow research is measured, we have dedicated much of our life to understanding this enchanting psychological state.

Research Projects – Disseminating Flow Education

With respect to existing scientific studies on flow, all our programs follow evidence based teachings. Thanks to many inspired researchers, flow has seen over 40 years of research and is accelerating with popularity.

Visit our Flow Library to see a list of interesting research surrounding flow or choose one of the options below.

We look forward to meeting you.

Research Projects


Join our Existing Studies

We welcome interested parties wanting to join our research projects.

Whether it is trialling flow training programs, undergoing interviews or collating data, there is a world of flow research ahead of us, so please register your interest.

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We are always looking for new and exciting projects on flow, whether it be in education, sport, business or well-being.

Whether you have resources, or a reason to study a specific facet of flow, we would love to hear your ideas.

Flow Performance Creativity Decision making



If you are a philanthropist, organisation or company wanting to give back and help people find their greatest moments then please contact us.

Research takes time and resources to complete, so we welcome your input.


Flow Performance Creativity Decision making


Flow Library

To save you the hours of searching the internet and lost libraries, we have collated the available literature on flow.

The library is being constantly updated and does not include all the literature on flow. Feel free to see what resonates with you here.

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