Intensive Flow Retreats

We are very excited to announce one of the world’s first intensive flow retreats. We will be bringing you the latest scientific evidence, tried and tested practical flow hacking techniques, a wealth of experience, elite performers, and a whole lot of fun.

From thrashing through neck deep Pow Pow in Northern BC, to surfing some of the most famous waves in Australia, we will take you on a journey like no other. Forget about your plans, this is your next holiday. Join other flow enthusiasts, buckle your seat belt and lock in, as our retreats are designed to blow your mind.

Our team consists of academic experts in the science of flow, performers and coaches practising at an elite level in a multitude of fields, and some interesting guest characters too. During the retreat we will help build a rigorous, flexible and fun programme to help you be who you are born to be.

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Watch this space – coming soon!

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