Flow Retreats

The ‘Flow Retreats’ bring together people who have a passion for Flow. We come together to unlock the mysteries of Flow in an incredible environment that is designed to inspire and engage. The collaborative nature of these sessions, together with a focus on Flow, creates remarkable results and memorable experiences.

Our action-packed getaways immerse us in nature, and provide the ideal opportunity to explore and massage our projects or careers. So buckle your seat belt and lock in for a memorable couple of days.

Each day we explore the environment, challenge ourselves, and come together for fascinating talks and discussions on Flow, well-being and performance.

Do you want to:

  • Learn about Flow
  • Meet TFC team and other flow enthusiasts,
  • Have an inspiring break
  • Pitch an idea
  • Expand your network
  • Discover new opportunities

Once a year we get together to join forces as equals and help awaken global consciousness around Flow. So if you are game for an adventure, then join us for four days immersed in nature.