Not So Illusive

Contrary to what you might think, flow is not a magical state that appears randomly. It is no more illusive than feeling content or bored. Flow is a mental state that we can experience more frequently and for sustained periods with appropriate training.

We often only recognise flow during intense moments of excellence. Maybe our backs are against the wall, or the external conditions, such as an important tournament, prime our internal conditions to respond in a state of flow. Typical when the pressure mounts, and fear induces our body, we can choose to respond in one of four ways. We can:


  1. Fight – Get angry and single minded
  2. Flight – Become overwhelmed and run away
  3. Freeze – Analyse and paralyse our mind and body
  4. Flow – Respond perfectly to the situation at hand


We are wired not just to survive, but also to excel. So why is that so many of do not choose this last, most effective solution?

The reason is because most of us our consumed by our minds. We have been nurtured by our family, our peers, and the culture in which we live. Over time we have been conditioned to experience the world through our conscious minds and logic and reason have become driving forces. The disciplines of obtaining flow states have been forgotten, and for many of us we have never received exposure to flow training techniques.

Well, this is what The Flow Centre aims to change. We have produced flow courses and flow coaching programmes so no matter where you live, what you do, or who you are, you too can experience flow.

There are certain obvious underlying principles to flow such as making sure the challenge level is equal to, or slightly above, our skill level:

flow skill - challenge

However, helping you to experience flow requires more than just an insightful blog. To find flow frequently in your life you need to understand the mindset required to adopt to find flow, train your senses and psyche to make the flow elements second nature. You need to realise the underpinning principles of flow, so you can assess where you are on the continuum at any given event. Which is why we strongly recommend you join us on an adventure and enjoy the course we have created.

Our training team consists of academic experts in the science of flow, performers and coaches practising at an elite level in a multitude of fields, and some interesting characters too. During the courses we will help build a rigorous, flexible and fun programme you can use for years to come.



The courses include a mixture of online webinars, one-to-one coaching, online group participation, practical tasks and an end of course test to gain certification.

As with all our flow courses, they include interviews with famous performers, a chance for Q & A, all the latest research, cutting edge skills, and certification.


So What Next?

We live and breathe flow , which is why we have developed a series of courses and coaching programmes. All our expertise and experience has been poured into these programmes in the aim of helping you find your flow.

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