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Our team has over 15 years experience working with Olympic athletes and elite performers, we know what it takes to innovate.

Flow was found to be at the same time a pre-requisite, a constitutive element, and an effect of the creative process. “Creation happens in a state of deep concentration and self-forgetting, and Flow seems to have a specific purpose within this process: triggering, facilitating and guiding the flow of creation” explains Tatiana Chemi, Professor at Aalborg University in Denmark. Furthermore, academics have found flow to be an essential component of creativity in group decision making. Prof. Dr. Nicola Baumann from the University of Trier in Germany states, “Not only are individuals who experience Flow thought to be more creative, they are more inclined to implement creative ideas.” Flow experiences promote a faster transition from the idea phase to the subsequent initiation and implementation stages of innovation. The Flow to Innovate workshops are designed to do just this.

Flow to Innovate provides an opportunity for you to:

  • Meet the founders of The Flow Centre
  • Facilitate an innovation meeting in our innovation lab
  • Integrate a team building experience with important innovation
  • Focus your team’s minds to their maximum capacity

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