Attending Flow Experts

  • Cameron Norsworthy

    Cameron Norsworthy

    Performance Director

    Cameron represented the UK as an athlete, and went on to become a successful entrepreneur and performance/flow coach for over 10 years. You will find him practising flow in his many adventure sport pursuits.

  • Susan Jackson

    Susan Jackson

    Flow Scientist

    Sue is one of the foremost academic authorities on flow. She was the first to publish a book on flow in sports, has been a senior university lecturer on flow, and worked with many Olympic athletes. You will find her practising her flow in yoga and meditation.

  • Louise Deeley

    Louise Deeley

    Psychologist and Coach

    Louise is one of the leading sports psychologists in Great Britain and former senior lecturer in sport psychology at Roehampton University. You will find her practising her flow in the mountains and on the hockey pitch.