The Crew

We are experts in own domain and committed to increasing flow in our own lives and the lives of others.

  • Cameron Norsworthy

    Cameron Norsworthy

    Founder & Coach

    Cameron represented the UK as an athlete, and went on to become a successful entrepreneur and performance/flow coach for over 10 years. You will find him practising flow in his many adventure sport pursuits.

  • Dr Susan Jackson

    Dr Susan Jackson

    Co-Founder & Coach

    Sue is one of the foremost academic authorities on flow. She was the first to publish a book on flow in sports, has been a senior university lecturer on flow, and worked with many olympic athletes. You'll find her practising her flow in yoga and meditation.

  • John Hendry

    John Hendry

    Educator & Flow Trainer

    John was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his role in education. Since 1980, John fulfilled a wide range of roles at Geelong Grammar School, including Acting Principal. John has been instrumental in the School’s development of Positive Education and founded the School’s Relationship Reparation Programme. He has also enjoyed a long and distinguished cricket career.

  • Tom Carroll

    Tom Carroll

    Professional Surfer

    Tom Carroll is a two time world champion, and considered the best surfer to ever surf the infamous break 'Pipeline'. He was voted by Surfer Magazine as one of the "Greatest Surfers of All Time", and continues to surf the biggest waves in the world.

  • Lorraine Huber

    Lorraine Huber

    Freeride Skier

    Lorraine was crowned the 2017 World Freeride Champion. With over 10 years at an elite level she is considered one of the greatest female mountain skiers of our time.

  • Erez Beatus

    Erez Beatus


    Erez Beatus held the World Record for FreeDiving in 2001. He can hold his breath for over 8 mins and dive to over 75m (245ft) on a single breath. Erez trained and captained the Israeli National FreeDiving team, and is the Founder of Apnea Australia.

  • Hazel Findlay

    Hazel Findlay

    Climber & Trainer

    Hazel is considered one of the best female climber worldwide. She has won multiple National Championships (UK) and is a Flow Centre Trainer.

  • Matthew Whitfield

    Matthew Whitfield

    Flow Coach, Trainer & Display Pilot

    Matt is a keynote speaker and Flow trainer. As a naval fighter pilot and Senior Officer in the Royal Navy (Top Gun) for 20 years, Matt has a unique understanding of performing under pressure.

  • Martijn Leonard

    Martijn Leonard

    Flow Trainer

    Martijn is an author on Flow, trainer and professional football coach. Ever since his days as a junior athlete he has helped others to understand and find Flow.

  • Nick Troutman

    Nick Troutman


    Nick Troutman is a World Champion and five-time National Champion kayaker, filmmaker, and philanthropist. Nick has established several first descents while on expedition around the world.

  • Rebecca Soni

    Rebecca Soni


    Rebecca Soni is a six-time Olympic medalist. She is a former world record-holder in the 100 and 200-meter breaststroke. Winning back-to-back Olympics, Rebecca was named Swimming World's World Swimmer of the Year award in 2010 and 2011.

  • Sarah Hendrickson

    Sarah Hendrickson

    Ski Jumper

    Sarah Hendrickson is a 22-time World Cup medalist and 13-time Continental Cup medalist. She is an American ski jumper who won the first ever women's World Cup season in 2012.