Exclusive Flow Retreat

This exclusive gathering brings together flow enthusiasts, experts, entrepreneurs, athletes or other professional performers. We will come together to unlock the mysteries of flow, synergise, and make a difference. Join us….yes, that means you!


15th, 16th & 17th January, 2020 – Indonesia


Get ready to swim with manta rays, meet kindred spirits, and embrace a better future. Your precious few days will be packed with provoking workshops, interesting interactive talks, and immersive activities that you will remember for years to come.

In this retreat you will:

  • Receive a workbook of all the workshops
  • Help co-create TFC activity
  • Meet the founders of TFC
  • Receive the latest updates on the science of flow
  • Engage in organised self-development workshops
  • Have a chance to pitch ideas
  • Meet an amazing crew of people
  • Have time to unwind and play in the ocean

So register below, buckle your seat belt, and lock in for a memorable couple of days.

 Nusa Lembongan Testimonials

In 2020 The Flow Centre gathered together flow enthusiasts, experts, entrepreneurs, athletes or other professional performers. Here’s what they had to say about their experience….


“Even after thinking about and training in flow for the last 3 years I learnt so much from this retreat about how to find flow, how to teach flow and about all the barriers to accessing flow I still have left to manage inside myself. I left this retreat feeling more inspired to talk about, teach and find flow than ever before. It was great to discuss flow with like minded individuals who started the retreat as strangers and left as great friends. Not only did we get into the nitty gritty concepts surrounding flow, we also learnt a lot about our deeper selves in a way I hadn’t expected.” – Hazel Findlay


“The flow retreat was an immersive and transformational experience. I have learnt so much more about Flow and how it can be applied to many different situations and areas of business, education, sports and life in general. The most important aspect I found was to meet other professionals who are using flow and sharing ideas with practical methods to hack into flow as well as overcome the challenges that we may face along the way. I have left inspired and can’t wait to meet with everyone again. This is a fantastic way to be part of a worldwide community of like-minded people who want to make a positive impact in the world.” – Carola Poblete


“The Nusa Lembongan retreat has been a life changing experience for me. To be together with like-minded and very kind people to talk  a lot about flow and being deeply connected and to feel deep flow during these days was really special to me. Besides the newest insights on Flow given by many interesting experts in flow (sports, education and business) I (and others) also had the opportunity to pitch a new idea on the subject of Flow.  So it was a lot about sharing and there really was a growth mindset. All of this was very well guided by Cameron and the rest of the Flow team who did a great job. And let’s not forget to mention the very inspiring environment of the island and the luxury settings . We even swam with Manta Rays! Bali gives you that extra special feeling of deep connection with each other and of course the early morning yoga sessions near the pool were extra helpful to get into the right state of mind for the rest of the day.  Now back in (rainy) Holland I realize even more how special these days were and I can’t wait to see all these lovely and understanding people on the next retreat again! Let it Flow!” – Govert Semeijns


“The Flow Retreat was a great experience. I learned a lot about the integration of flow in different areas. For example, flow in climbing and flow in education. I also learnt about the newest neuroscience on flow. We did a lot of exercises to really integrate all the flow skills we learned, with a nice group of like minded people. Everyone was open, real and wanted to give to each other. Together we created a real flow experience on a beautiful location. Thank you for this great experience and the next time I will be there for sure.” – Martijn Leonard


“Cameron organised such a special, engaging and fun space to come together and learn. The retreat was jam-packed with content, including the latest science on Flow, what the flow centre offers and we also explored the application of helping others find flow in different contexts. The content was delivered by multiple people who are experts in their respective fields from sport to education, all seeking to help clients find optimal performance and peak experience through flow. I felt extremely inspired and empowered to take action after deep and meaningful lunchtime conversations in between more formal teachings. As a young woman starting my career in the psychology field, I really felt like this was a perfect way to gain mentors and some guidance for a career path and life in general. As for connection, we had such a lovely group who mixed and mingled perfectly. We had an age range of 50 years, four different countries and males and females. Everyone was positive, open minded and friendly, with a deep love of learning in an area of interest. It’s such a blessing to gain a sense of unity from such a diverse group in such a short amount of time where strangers become friends! Also, I have an immense appreciation for the beautiful surroundings of Nusa Lembongan. The visibility in the water for snorkelling and diving was the clearest I have ever seen. The villa amenities were exquisite, the catamaran was so much fun and we were able to get to our surf and dive spots with ease. The staff were very friendly and spoke excellent English and made the place a home.” – Jess Stout