What is all this Flow?

Have you ever been so immersed in an activity that the world around you melted away, and then you emerged surprised by your own ability and curiously fulfilled?

Sure, we all have. Whether it is cooking a challenging dinner or performing in a stadium, when we face important challenges we create opportunities for optimal experiences.

Science terms our optimal experiences, in which we perform at our best and feel at our best as Flow. Flow research spans over 50 years within psychology, physiology, sociology, and neuroscience. Flow is deemed to be at the heart of optimal performances, creativity, innovation, engagement, and well-being. Flow cultures are used to create optimal learning environments in schools, corporations, and teams. Athletes seek Flow to improve the highlight reel of their careers. Executives engineer Flow to be more productive and engaged. Therapists use the principles of Flow to structure sessions. Artists and musicians cultivate flow states to find those special moments. And Flow Seekers find flow to improve the quality of their experience in the everyday activities that determine the quality of their life.

Enhance Performance – Reduce Anxiety – Build Resilience – Find Fulfilment

Flow demands internal congruency, commitment, and energy; the path to finding Flow can change lives and certainly leads to a more fulfilled life. If you want to join this movement and become a Flow Seeker, or just curious to know more, watch these videos, explore the site, and take the space to integrate what you learn in to your life.