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– Improve performance

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– Reduce stress

– Increase motivation

– Self-leadership and personal excellence

Hear what others have to say…

“The lessons I have taken from our discussions in which I use in the daily life are priceless.” Nathan Charles – Australian International Rugby Player

“An exceptional presentation about Flow which really resonated with me. Backed this up with evidence-based research and a few good stories!” Kathryn Netherwood – School Principal

“You certainly created an excellent environment to learn and grow. Great work, thank you.” – David Scott, CEO

“Flow has a multi-faceted effect on our lives, whether it be surfing a Pipeline or in our relationships. TFC are certainly offering us an opportunity to wake up to our own states of Flow.”  Tom Carroll – three-time World Champion and voted one of the top 10 greatest surfers of all time

“The relevant knowledge in matters of reaching optimal performance (through Flow) is outstanding. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting and working with this team will gain life-altering tools.”  Carolina Asenjo – International Marketing Manager, EIT. 

“It summarized the neuroscience of Flow in a way that was accessible to all.  I enjoyed it very much and feel it has already made a difference in my own life” Dr Loretta White, Clinical Psychologist, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

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Take it to the Next Level!

The Flow Certificate is our signature course designed to give you a personalised programme to your personal excellence.


Our Signature Course – Flow Certificate

In this self-paced course we will teach you all about optimal performance. We synthesise over 40 years of research to show you how to master your mind in order to amplify your performance.

During this course you will learn key Flow skills and a sustainable system for approaching the challenges in your life.

You will create a personalised case study and training programme and receive specific feedback. We will answer any questions or address any challenges throughout.

You will be invited to join a great community of Flow Seekers.  You’ll learn from experts in various fields, psychologists, TEDx speakers, World Champions, famous scientists and World Champion coaches.

In-depth training in The Pathway to Flow™

Build a personal case study of finding Flow

Learn what constitutes an optimal mindset

Learn how resilience works and how to apply it

Learn how to self-regulate your thoughts and emotions

$695 – AU$495 (€300)

We believe in disseminating critical information on optimal performance, which is why we have created this affordable course. It only takes a few clicks to get started and you can trial for free.


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