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We’ve spent years competing, performing, studying, coaching and working with world champions and elite athletes. We have a wealth of experience to pass on, and personalised programmes to fit any sport.

One-to-one Coaching / Personalised Programmes / Private and Confidential

We work one-on-one with individuals, conduct team sessions, and work with all ages and abilities. From 13-year-old kids to senior players; enthusiasts to World Champions – we will help you build a mindset that will plug you into peak performance states at will, maximise your results, and can be used in all areas of your life.

What is all this Flow?

Have you ever been so immersed in an activity that the world around you melted away, and then you emerged surprised by your own ability and curiously fulfilled?

Sure, we all have. Whether it is cooking a challenging dinner or performing in a stadium, when we face important challenges we create opportunities for optimal experiences.

Science terms our optimal experiences, in which we perform at our best and feel at our best as Flow. Flow research spans over 50 years within psychology, physiology, sociology, and neuroscience. Flow is deemed to be at the heart of optimal performances, creativity, innovation, engagement, and well-being. Flow cultures are used to create optimal learning environments in schools, corporations, and teams. Athletes seek Flow to improve the highlight reel of their careers. Executives engineer Flow to be more productive and engaged. Therapists use the principles of Flow to structure sessions. Artists and musicians cultivate flow states to find those special moments. And Flow Seekers find flow to improve the quality of their experience in the everyday activities that determine the quality of their life.

Enhance Performance – Reduce Anxiety – Build Resilience – Find Fulfilment

Flow demands internal congruency, commitment, and energy; the path to finding Flow can change lives and certainly leads to a more fulfilled life. If you want to join this movement and become a Flow Seeker, or just curious to know more, watch these videos, explore the site, and take the space to integrate what you learn in to your life.

Meet Your Coaches

Cameron Norsworthy

I am a passionate performance coach who thrives on working with people to take their performance to the next level. I have dedicated most of my life to finding flow and peak performance states, worked with world champions and personally competed at an international level.


Younger Years

I spent my junior years playing national schools rugby and football, and competing for England as a junior tennis player, where I experienced three and a half years at one of the world’s best intensive training centres in America. These experiences taught me many a lesson about what it takes to perform at an elite level from a young age. I went on to play three world championships, reach national finals, and represent the UK in junior tennis before stopping due to injury.


Training Years

After injury sidelined my tennis career, I went back to study Sports Psychology at university (BSc) and have subsequently continued my training with a variety of supporting courses to help with the theory and application of performance coaching. During this time I was privileged to be chosen to present my findings to the British Psychological Society in person. My training is always ongoing in my reading, course attendance, and performances.


Current Years

I have been a successful entrepreneur for 14 years, and when I’m not chasing big waves kitesurfing or skiing, you will find me on the football pitch or on a mat. I currently work with several world champions and world record holders, and I am committed to understanding the science behind flow states, working with some of the world’s leading experts to this end. My coaching style is dynamic and fun, focused on practical application. I practise what I preach.


Sue Jackson

I am an experienced psychologist who enjoys working with individuals to help them tap into their potential to find flow in their performance, be that in sport, at work, or with life. Flow has been a large part of my life since I embarked on postgraduate studies of this amazing psychological concept in the 1980s.

Younger Years

I spent my younger years consumed by sport. I loved to run, and medalled at All-Schools & State Championships during my high school years in Sydney, and at Australian University Games during my first uni degree in human movement education at the University of Sydney, where I was awarded a Blue for my athletic achievements. I also loved to swim, and turned to triathlons during the mid 80s in Sydney, and then again in the early 90s in the USA while studying at UNC Greensboro.

Training Years

In the mid 80s, I carried out my postgraduate studies at the University of Illinois (MSc) and then the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (PhD). I was mentored by leading sport psychologists including Professors Dan Gould, Glyn Roberts, Diane Gill, and Tara Scanlan. I met the founder of flow, Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, which set the focus my doctoral thesis. The title of my thesis was ÔÇ£Elite Athletes in Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Sport ExperienceÔÇØ, and was awarded Dissertation of the Year by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), and the Sport Psychology Academy of NASPE. Since 1993 I have enjoyed an academic career in Australian universities, published extensively on flow in both refereed journal articles and in applied publications. With my flow mentor, Mike Csikszentmihalyi, I co-authored Flow in Sports: The Keys to Optimal Experiences and Performances, in 1999.

Current Years

In 2008, I moved from an academic-focused career into full-time consulting, and since this time I have focused my work in applied practitioner roles. I am a practising psychologist, with a specialisation in sport and exercise psychology. I am also a yoga teacher, and have trained in mindfulness-meditation approaches including ACT and iRest yoga nidra. I bring both an in-depth understanding of the science behind flow states, and a practical tool-kit of psychological strategies and skills, to my coaching work. I enjoy working with all levels of performers, helping success become a standard.



We spend hours, weeks, and years physically and technically training our bodies.

Yet how often do you train your mind?



How We Work

First Session

This initial one-to-one meeting enables us to meet each other, understand your desires and highlight any barriers to flow. We will be looking at the past, present and future performance situations, with the aim of establishing an integrated programme for flow.

Monthly Retainer
$ Vary

Each month we go through a custom training programme, including and not limited to: interventions, performance cues, 12 step flow training programme. This sustainable and practical performance plan is tailored to your budget and your needs.

Where and When

When we start working together, we generally have multiple sessions per month – depending on budget. In essence, we develop a relationship and I am available in person, on skype, on the phone, and via email – whatever works. I am based between England and Australia.

Testimonials – retreat

  • ...the sessions have been a big eye opener, and exceeded my expectations. They have really helped to focus me and give me some new insights. Thank you for your kindness and life changing sessions...

  • Since returning from USA to compete in Australia's national league, I've struggled with my speed and performance. Thank for helping back to my best :-)

  • Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed working with Cam. The idea of Flow was certainly new to me. Flow more think less, probably not what I expected when I booked my first session. Working with FLOW has improved not only my personal performance but also the way I coach others. Thanks Cam I would definitely recommend you to anyone seeking improved performance.

    Tony Eldridge
  • I love it when I can share quality time with like minded people and hear inspiring stories from them all. The first Flow Centre weekend had it all, from great accommodation, location and food to friendship, adventure and more than interesting conversations with many who came from different cultures and diverse backgrounds and shared their dreams and experiences.

    Carola Pablote
  • It was a great weekend shared with likeminded successful people talking about big topics. The concept of Flow is important for us all as we go about building our businesses and our pursuing our sporting and leisure interests.

    David Pettit
  • I have returned from The Flow Centre weekend retreat feeling motivated and ready to take my business to the next level. I expected to come out of it with more direction for my businesses but of course I came out of it with more direction about life in general.

    Antonia Taylor
  • Awesome experience I feel privileged to have been invited to participate in the Flow workshop in Gracetown over the weekend of the 5th-6th of July. I met some awesome people and had the best time as we shared our life experiences and discussed our hopes and plans for our journeys ahead. The positivity was totally uplifting, and as we delved deeper into the concept of Flow to reach our true potential it felt that as a group we all rose up and moved a step closer towards that pure thing that we are all seeking. Highly recommended!

    Clayton Perry

Sample Retainers

Casual Flow Seeker

We meet once a month and communicate via text and emails when required. This is generally suited to performers who have had several months on a more intense programme and then want to scale back.

Next Level
$ 595

In this sample retainer we would do 2 sessions a month plus email and phone support. Every so often I would come to the training or performance arena. I would liaise with other coaches or people where necessary.

Let’s Get Serious

This is for performers who want to prioritise their mental performance. It generally includes 3-4 sessions per month, communication via phone and email. Where possible we meet up, and I get more involved in the setup, if required.


Did you know you get 40% off your initial coaching session…




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