Superman, Accidents and Flow

Superman, Accidents and Flow

Flow Stories


I had watched superman as a kid and always wondered what it would be like to fly. I wondered what it would be like to watch the world pass by as I soured through the air high above the ground. Only a few years ago I had undertaken a skydiving course and after several nervy flights I was flying solo across the skies racing trucks on the highways below. After 30 jumps or so I thought i knew what flying felt like, and what it was like to be superman, however, i was wrong.

I was flying through the air, and realised time had suddenly stopped. i was almost frozen in mid air, and i felt like time did not exist. It felt so invigorating that i decided, in mid wire 6ft off the ground, that i had been wrong about skydiving, there was so much more to being superman.
So much was going through my mind; I was examining the car below trying to decide whether it was fresh out of the showroom or maybe a year old, I wondered whether the car suited the driver or whether something more conservative would match his neatly trimmed moustache and perfectly knotted tie, I wondered why he was leaving the car park so quickly? Did he have a bad meeting and couldn’t wait to leave or was he late for his next meeting? Blue was surely not his colour it must be a company car.
I looked ahead and saw my landing, I knew I was going to miss the bonnet beneath me with the speed I was going, my current height, and the angle in which I was falling. I wondered whether I should land with a roll, stick out my hand to break the fall or just see what happens. I could hear my head debating the options whilst simultaneously analysing the man in the car. I was a passenger in my own body and I was aware of everything. I could feel my body tense up, and even hear the messages my brain was sending to my body to brace itself for a big fall. I observed hundreds of thoughts going on in my head as they processed at an incredible speed. I was very much detached from the processing, I was a passenger, and a curious one at that.

Previously I had been riding my bike at speed. I was zooming along the pavement passing a car park exit, when out of nowhere an exiting car collided with my front wheel. Up until then I was riding with only one thought in my conscious mind, and now there seemed to be hundreds of thought processes going on simultaneously. Time did not seem to exist, I detached from my conscious thoughts, simply experiencing what was happening in my subconscious, and I was in awe of how much was happening, everywhere.
I could even see the bricked building in the background and the trimmed grass adjacent to the car park. What would normally take me hours of processing was all happening in only a few seconds, surely I was closer to feeling what is would be like to be superman.

As soon as this thought came into my head, I felt myself identify with it, listen to it, and consciously connect with it. Like the starship enterprise entering warp speed i shot into normal time awareness, and before i knew what hit me i was sprawled out across the pavement. The magical bliss of time stoping had finished, my superman powers were gone. I was back in my head, fully connected with my conscious processing at a fraction of the speed i had just experienced. I was left feeling the pain of my broken wrist, wondering what had just happened, and who was this man in a suit looking down at me, asking me if I was ok.


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