The Pathway to Flow contains 3 steps that anyone can utilise to manage their experience and practice finding Flow. The steps and elements within are based on evidence-based psychological and physiological research.

The Pathway to Flow is split into 3 steps:

Each step is filled with a pack of tools and theory to help you on your journey. Once we can understand the elements that make up each step, we become better equiped to finding Flow.

Step 1 – Mindset

How to re-wire our mindset for Flow – In order to find Flow frequently, we must first fundamentally change the way in which we think to be aligned with an autotelic personality.

Step 2 – Preparation

How to prepare mind and body for Flow – In preparation for a specific event, the management of mind and body is key to finding Flow. Our perspective, emotions and thoughts all play a determining role in our ability to thrive in the moment.

Step 3 – Immersion

How to find Flow during the event – In the moment, we have the power to either limit our ability, through endeavouring to consciously control the experience, or to maximise our ability, by trusting our innate capabilities and reaching a total immersion in the act.

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