The Pathway to Flow™ is a rigorously tested system designed to help you find Flow. The Flow skills and elements within are based on evidence-based psychological and physiological research. It uses the latest skills both practically and academically.


The Pathway to Flow

Each skill is filled with a pack of tools and theory to help you on your journey. Once we can understand the elements that make up each skill, we become better equiped to finding Flow.

The top 3 skills constitute what we call a Flow mindset; an autotelic approach that make it more likely for you to frequently find Flow.



Managing your motivations towards autonomous drivers and high valued experiences.



Embracing the challenge to stretch your capability



Developing a curious and learning orientated approach towards achievement




Framing your projections to create a clear direction and subsequent feedback



Optimising the contents of your consciousness towards presence and absorption



Letting it happen rather than making it happen through intuitive and effortless action.



For more information take a look at the Foundations to Flow .


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